Continuing the story of innovation today

Innovation in NHSScotland led to the establishment of Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL).  Working in conjunction with NHS Boards, SHIL continues to identify, protect and develop innovative ideas generated by NHS employees, leading to improved patient care.  For example, the development of the ACR® (Ambulance Child Restraint) is an innovative system for the safe, effective handling of young patients being transported in ambulances which has been widely adopted by Ambulance Services throughout the UK.

Innovation through research has been transformed through the establishment of NHS Research Scotland (NRS).  Achieved through the application of best practice and processes that support efficient working, NRS aims to ensure that NHSScotland provides the best possible environment to support clinical research.  More generally, NRS contributes towards a thriving life sciences sector in Scotland through its collaborative work with industry. 

Health Science Scotland (HSS), a partnership of medical universities and their associated NHS Health Boards in Scotland, was established to promote excellence in the field of clinical and translational medicine.  It is creating a world-leading platform for translational medicine research that benefits not only patients, but also delivers economic benefit through the development of partnerships with the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.  HSS was the driver behind the Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre, a collaboration between Scottish universities, the NHS and industry designed to develop translational medicine solutions.

Statement of intent on innovation for health

Health and Wealth in Scotland: A Statement of Intent on Innovation for Health was launched by the Cabinet Secretary for Health Well Being and Communities Strategy in June 2012. The Statement emphasises that Scotland is very well placed to be an international centre for innovation in health with an integrated health service with major quality ambitions, a strong life sciences industry, excellent informatics, and first class universities and research capability.

Specifically, through strong partnerships with industry, NHSScotland will encourage the development, marketing and adoption of products and medicines that are better matched to its needs, Scottish businesses will be able to develop products that have stronger market potential because they are focused upon the needs of health services in Scotland and beyond. A  Route Map to the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care reinforced the commitment in 2013 for the NHS to make a priority of increasing investment in new innovations which both increase quality of care, and reduce costs and simultaneously provide growth in the Scottish economy.

Innovation in Health
Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL)
NHS Research Scotland (NRS)
Route Map to the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care