Key Messages 

Our key messages will be: 

  • Nurses and midwives in Scotland are valued for the contribution they make to people’s health and wellbeing;
  • Our nurses and midwives have an important contribution to make to the future delivery of care through innovations in service delivery.
  • Many illnesses and symptoms can be successfully managed by nurses without necessarily referring on to other health care practitioners. 

Key Themes 

The key themes of the campaign will be:  

  • Expanding and evolving roles for nurses and midwives;
  • Impact of nursing and midwifery on the quality of patient and client care (quality of care);
  • The broader contribution of nurses and midwives to public health, communities and the economy (prevention);
  • Developing nursing and midwifery leaders of the future;
  • Careers in nursing and midwifery; and 
  • Improving the wellbeing of nurses and midwives.