July 2022 marks the 74th Anniversary of the National Health Service, which was founded on the 5 July 1948.

This year also marks the 74th year of social care services.

The Anniversary offers the opportunity for staff, patients and the public to mark the past 74 years and to look forward to the needs of future generations and what health and care will look like in the future.

In particular, it provides a great opportunity to:

•mark the Anniversary and demonstrate 74 years of achievement, making a difference to people’s lives

•recognise the contribution of staff - across NHS, partners in care, voluntary organisations, and volunteers - thanking them for their hard work and commitment, demonstrating their achievement and successes, whilst acknowledging the challenges they face

•confirm our on-going commitment to the founding principles of the NHS

•look forward and build confidence amongst staff and the public about the future of the NHS, recognising that the way care is delivered will continue to evolve


The 74th Anniversary, coming as it does in the midst of continuous challenges, provides a further opportunity for people to thank staff, ensure that staff across health and social care feel valued, and to drive some of the very positive stories of staff commitment.  

We have developed the resources below to support NHS Scotland organisations and partners to mark the 74th Anniversary of the NHS in Scotland. We hope that you will find them useful.

 If you are unable to download any of the assets below please contact NHSScotCorpComms@gov.scot

Graphic Device 

A graphic device has been created to help mark the 74th Anniversary of the NHS in Scotland and is available to use on all communications relating to the Anniversary.

The graphic device may also be used on materials, publications and for activity in conjunction with the anniversary.


The graphic device is available in a range of treatments and formats and can be downloaded here.

The accompanying brand guidelines can be downloaded here.

Social Media and Digital Assets

A selection of social media and digital assets have been created to help raise awareness and mark the 74th Anniversary

Web Banner

The web banner can be downloaded here.

 Social Media Assets

The full set of assets can be downloaded from Dropbox and WeTransfer.