Dear NHS Letters

As part of the NHS 70th celebrations in Scotland we have collected a number of Dear NHS Letters from staff and patients around the country. A selection of these letters can be found below.

Superhuman staff

I think the NHS is an amazing service. The people who work there are superhuman because they work incredibly long hours and somehow still manage to function on a daily basis. I don't know how they do it but it continues to astonish me.  My brother was ill a lot when he was younger. The nurses were very understanding and patient. Our GP always listens to us and takes the time to work through our problems. Unfortunately in the future I think the NHS will be struggling for young employers as not many people will want to take the opportunity.

Wonderful people

I love everything you've done for me since I've been needing healthcare. I'm a very sporty person and I break many bones, some of which are very sore. Every time I come to the A&E, it's very welcoming and I'm attended to very quickly, even if it's a minor injury! I love the nurses there and they are so funny and loving! The doctors are also awesome people, and they are very reassuring. I've been going to the hospital a lot recently because I broke my knee and the time that I can't do sports is flying by! I'm always looking forward to getting my range of movement increased every three weeks. The staff are wonderful in all and I really do love the NHS. 

Life-changing surgery

I just want to thank you for helping my gran get her hip replacement. Her hip had been bothering her for a while ever since she fell outside a hairdresser. It stopped her from doing simple things, such as going to the shops or seeing her family, she would limp everywhere and groan in pain wishing it would go away, but it didn't and that was then we figured something was wrong so we went to you and you fixed it perfectly and now she can do all the things she would normally do now you gave her the surgery it has changed her life.

Dedicated staff

You dedicate each and every day of your own personal lives to look after and care for everyone else's. Your main priorities are to ensure people are kept healthy, safe, cared for and comforted be this in their last or first hours of life. When writing all that you do down, it is clear that in order to be in this role you have to be a very selfless, kind, nurturing and compassionate person as I can imagine although a very rewarding job, this can also be a very frustrating and sad job at times. I think the work that you do is amazing and hope that the NHS can grow and become stronger over the next 70 years as without them we wouldn't be anywhere.

A big thank you

Thank you for ensuring my mum is still here today after a scare with her heart. Thank you for the treatment you provided to my dad in intensive care, high dependency and the orthopedic recovery ward after a major motorbike accident.  Thank you for all the care you provided to my Grampa through his cancer diagnosis and his end of life care, he was treated with such dignity in a time where his body was struggling and shutting down.  Thank you for all the care, compassion and time you have provided my family through times of difficulty.  While you were caring for my family that was time that you were missing out spending with your own family.  Missing those family meals, those milestones with your children to ensure that my family could spend as much time as possible with our loved ones.  Hours on your feet, missed meals, full bladders, no time for yourself but somehow always finding the time to provide that shoulder to cry on or that hug of reassurance. Thank you to the ambulance service for dealing with me in my time of need.  Thank you for providing me with the background information of why it took so long for an ambulance.  My injury was serious but there were others with more serious health complaints and for that i respect you. I have also experienced the down side.  My best friend, her two beautiful sons are now left without a mother after the Mental Health Services failed her, screaming for help she eventually took her own life.  But you done everything you could in that same intensive care unit where you treated my dad to try and save her life.  You provided her family with the opportunity to say that final goodbye and for that i salute you. In times of uncertainty and criticism towards the NHS, all those Men and Women still get up, still provide the same level of treatment when times are hard for the NHS.

Incredible health service

The NHS is an incredible health service which doesn't  discriminate against people so that everyone can get treated fairly and helped as much as possible to get better. The NHS will get better in the future and aquire more doctors and nurses to fully improve the service and benefit the whole of the United Kingdom. The National Health Service should get more credit for the wonderful work they do helped by posters, adverts and talks to the public in schools, communities and even larger city gatherings like the science fair in Edinburgh. I hope my comments were very beneficial for the NHS.

Treated with respect

The NHS is part of me. I take it for granted because I don't know any different . It's always there, always available and free. I cannot imagine life any other way.It's as it should be  for everyone everywhere no matter what ! I have used the NHS on many occasions through my GP and the out of hours service at my local hospital. I have always been treated respectfully and been taken seriously. The local service is excellent (as it should be) and I would not have it any other way. My family use the NHS and are grateful for it.