Celebrity Supporters

Michelle Mone, entrepreneur and founder of Ultimo

“The NHS is one of the UK’s most cherished institutions and something we should all be very proud of. Whether in the event of an emergency or for ongoing care, the NHS is there for every single person living in this country, no matter who you are, which is just incredible. Happy Birthday to the NHS and congratulations to all the nurses, doctors and staff that treat millions of people every year – we’re indebted to you.”

Hardeep Singh Kohli, radio and television presenter

“There's a song called "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life." That's wholly unlikely and utterly nonsensical. That DJ wasn't the NHS. No. The NHS saves thousands of lives on a daily basis and doesn't feel the need to release a pop record about it. But you should know. The NHS, our NHS, my NHS saved my life. And I thank them every day.”

Aggie MacKenzie, Television presenter

“I'm a massive supporter of the NHS. We have a world-class service - particularly in highly specialised areas - and I for one want to keep it at its best.”

Dawn Steele, actress

“After supporting National Blood week in June, I also wanted to show my support of the NHS as a whole. For 65 years they have delivered world class care to the people of Scotland. I myself received excellent care from the NHS when my daughter was born and i needed a blood transfusion. The midwives, doctors, nurses and everyone involved played a vital role at such an important part of my life and the beginning of my daughters new life. Happy 65th Birthday-you look great for your age!”

Billy Boyd, actor

“As a modern, forward thinking country, there can be nothing we should be more proud of than NHSScotland. I'm sure there is a time when we have all had to turn to the NHS for help and the work they do and the ideas they stand for are truly wonderful.  Happy Birthday to the incredible NHS.”

Jenni Falconer, TV presenter

“It's hard to imagine what life was like back in the day before the NHS. We may take it for granted now, but we really shouldn't.  Anyone who's had any dealings with them, will know what a benevolent and truly life-saving entity it is. Happy anniversary and here's to another 65 years.”

Lorraine McIntosh, Deacon Blue

“The NHS has helped our children come into this world, cared for us throughout our lives and helped many people who we have loved and come to the end of their lives, do so in a dignified and compassionate manner. We should all realise the importance of what we have in the NHS and be forever grateful.”

Alan Cumming, actor

“The NHS and the way we hold it so dear are two of the best things about being Scottish! Happy 65th NHS! Knowing you're there for me and my family warms my heart."

James Morton, Great British Bake Off star

“I've been alive for just over a third of the NHS’s 65 year history.  Although I like to think I’ve grown up with a supreme sense of health security under it, I’ve also seen first hand how brilliant it is and why no private healthcare system in the world can hope to rival the care we often take for granted under the NHS.

“It is magnificent. Everyone gets the same care. There are no discriminations. If I continue to eat so much cake that I eventually burst, I won’t get any worse care than if it wasn’t self-inflicted – I’ll get advice and compassion. It does not vilify. It is trusted.

“But more so than all of that; if a treatment is evidence based – if it is actually likely to make a difference – then it will be given on the NHS. Even if it is really, really  expensive, you can rest assured that you will get the best care available to you.”

Geoff Cross, Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland prop

“The NHS has shown me the importance of the time we have together and how uncertain the amount of time we each have is. The NHS has cared for both my mother and father. I believe both my parents are still alive as a consequence of the care they received. I am thankful for the extra time with them I have enjoyed as a consequence of the care they received through the NHS.”

Michelle Masson, X-Factor finalist

“The NHS is one of those incredible organisations whose work often goes unnoticed. That all changes when one of your children or another family member is taken ill, and you rapidly realise that it's your knight in shining armour. 

“Don't let this landmark anniversary go unnoticed, it's time to celebrate a great Scottish institution. I salute each and every doctor and nurse who works at the NHS.”

Grant Stott, presenter

“It’s very easy to take the fantastic NHS in this country for granted – I don’t. My family and I have all benefited from this amazing service given by these professionals over the years; from watching them put my son’s broken arm in a cast to watching them handle the challenges of a “busy” Friday night in A&E, I have always left them with a sense of awe. I’ll raise a glass to 65 years of the NHS and then toast the next 65 years! Cheers!”

Paul James Corrigon, actor

“I'm a supporter of the NHS and feel that we are extremely fortunate to have a world-class service available. NHS midwives, doctors, and nurses play such a vital role in today's society and we should be so grateful for the care they give us. It's hard to imagine what life was like and how people recovered from illness in the days before the NHS. Happy 65th Anniversary NHS!”

Henry Pyrgos, Scotland scrum-half

“We rely heavily on the NHS to help us when we are hit with injuries, which will inevitably occur at some point during our career. I've always found the NHS very supportive and it's a UK institution we should all be very proud of.”